Here are the services that we offer with SmartLighting installation

Leverage the maximum from SmartLighting wireless mesh network

Power-Saving Street Lighting

  • up to 90% power-savings, compared to “always-on” approach
  • comfortable lighting zone for every person on the street
  • intelligent motion sensors to distinguish between pedestrians, bicyclists, cars and animals
  • significantly prolong the life-cycle of street lamps

Monitoring System

  • online, real-time status check of the lamps and street infrastructure
  • monitor the traffic of pedestrians and cars
  • keep an eye on the street environment by monitoring the temperature, noise level, humidity, etc.
  • collect the statistics of the street or area usage for further analysis and improvement
  • simple, user-friendly web interface

Wireless Mesh Network

  • Independent, high-speed, flexible Wireless Mesh Network infrastructure for your services
  • Wi-Fi Access Points for people
  • Wireless Local-Area network services for local businesses and emergency city-services
  • IoT-readiness for SmartCity and SmartHome integration

Smart City Services

  • IoT for the city
  • Integration with the city emergency services
  • Backup network communcation infrastructure
  • Ubiquitous wireless network coverage 
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Other Services

Improve the SmartLighting installation with additional layers of customization and maintenance


Adaptation to existing lighting infrastructure and street topology


Software and hardware updates, 24/7 network monitoring


Upgrade the system with additional sensors and wireless modules

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SmartLighting about?

SmartLighting system is an intelligent street lighting solution, which achieves substantial amount of energy savings by detecting and predicting the movement patterns of objects on the streets, switching on and off the lights only when and where it’s currently necessary.
The system is capable of detecting the movement direction of different objects, as well as telling whether the detected object is a pedestrian, a bicyclist, a car or an animal. That allows the SmartLighting to provide a comfortable illumination zone “on-demand” – i.e., only when the street lighting is needed in particular spots.
Also, the system deploys always-connected distributed wireless mesh network, which can be used by pedestrians and nearby users.

Who can benefit from SmartLighting?

The SmartLighting is extremely cost-efficient solution which is attractive for city authorities, who are interested in saving substantial amounts of energy as well as bringing the latest and novel smart city technologies to the streets.

What kind of street lamps are supported?

Currently, LED street lamps are supported, equipped with any industry-standard power interface (DALI, 1-10V, etc.).
As for the lamp control, a wide range of interfaces is supported, including RS-232/485, RF, etc.

How do you detect people on the streets?

We use our custom-built CMOS-based sensors, designed to efficiently detect the moving objects from the street lamp-posts during the night. For that, we use some ML techniques with a combination of visual recognition algorithms, which allow the system to precisely estimate the motion detection, the speed and a general type of a detected object – i.e. a person, a car, a bicyclist, etc.

What about the privacy concerns?

Even though the CMOS sensors are used to detect the moving objects, the goal of SmartLighting is to save the energy and provide additional wireless communication services to the people. The system uses low-resolution sensors, which are not capable of capturing any details about the moving objects, except its general form, which is sufficient to detect the motion. Therefore, SmartLighting system is not capable of identifying a specific person, nor is it capable of gathering any personal or specific information about the detected object.

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