Köthen, Event Center – Prize of the district administrator and Kreissparkasse Anhalt-Bitterfeld and special prize of Reiner Lemoine Stiftunf for the company SmartLighting Technologies. In the picture – v.l. Elena Herzel (EWG Ltd.), Bernhard Böddeker (Deputy District Administrator Anhalt-Bitterfeld), Prof. Eduard Siemens (Anhalt University of Applied Sciences) , Jörg Bagdahn (President of Anhalt University of Applied Sciences) and Armin Willingmann (Minister of Economic Affairs S, -Anhalt)

Anhalt University of Applied Sciences strengthens the economy in Central Germany with numerous creative ideas and projects from teaching and research. Through innovation and inventiveness, it helps companies in the region to succeed and secures jobs. A special spin-off from Anhalt University of Applied Sciences was awarded twice on 14th November 2018 at Köthen Castle. First, with the price of the district administrator and Kreissparkasse Anhalt-Bitterfeld, and second – with a special prize from the Reiner Lemoine Foundation.

The company, headed by Professors Eduard Siemens and Ingo Chmielewski from the Department of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, receives the significant awards for the “SmartLighting” technology developed here. Over a period of eight years, the professors have guided a team of research engineers to design a smart and modern walkway lighting system. The concept was assessed by a jury in terms of economic success, entrepreneurial performance and originality, as well as the contribution to sustainable environmental relief. But the potential for job creation and the benefits to the region were also a criterion.

In April of this year, the first test track in Bernburg-Strenzfeld was opened using “SmartLighting” technology – an innovative approach to the street lighting. The lanterns register movements and exchange information with each other, so that a full-power lighting only occurs when there are people on the way.

The test track has since provided important insights for the further development of this technology and is also the starting point for many discussions with the interested municipalities. The patented process will now be transferred from the university to the SmartLighting UG, with an intention to further advance the technology in the region and bring it to the use on the streets.