Street Lamps in Strenzfeld, Bernburg, Germany

In March 2018, the first installation of an innovative street lighting system has taken place in Bernburg, Germany.

An intellectual street lighting system, called “SmartLighting”, has been installed on the route between the city of Bernburg and the Anhalt University’s campus in Bernburg-Strenzfeld.

“The lanterns register movements and exchange information with each other. They only give their full lighting performance when there are people on the route, which significantly reduces energy consumption, “explain Professors Ingo Chmielewski and Eduard Siemens from the Department of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering.

The international team of researchers and engineers have been working for eight years on the so-called SmartLighting system in their laboratory “Future Internet Lab Anhalt”, at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Köthen.

“Here at the test street, it shows whether the system works as desired,” says Siemens. The system gathers important insights for the further improvement of the SmartLighting technology. “Above all, the sensors should be improved: For people and cyclists, the lamps should illuminate in their full power, while leaving animals in the dark,” adds Chmielewski.

The patented process was instrumental in founding a company that will produce and optimize the technology in the region. First talks for further projects with municipalities are ongoing.