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Power-Saving Street Lighting

Achieve up to 90% of power savings with SmartLighting system. Equipped with intelligent motion sensors and hardened with wireless mesh connectivity, the SmartLighting system provides a comfortable illumination zone for every person exactly when its needed, saving the energy and prolonging the life-cycle of the street lamps.

Monitoring System

Keep an eye on your street lighting infrastructure in real-time. Monitor the weather and environmental conditions, analyze the patterns from the pedestrian and car traffic to make the city infrastructure even more comfortable and safe for the people.

Wireless Mesh Network

Get the maximum out of the SmartLigthing high-speed wireless communication network. Provide WiFi access to the people, enable wireless LAN oppurtunities for local buisnesses and city management. 

Smart City Services

Integrate with the other SmartCity services and IoT projects. Use SmartLighting network to communicate with emeregency services and the city traffic control.

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